Past Life Regressions

I felt very safe doing PLR with April. I was curious about how it might help me during a very challenging time in my life. April’s compassionate nature helped me relax easily into a state that allowed me to access a deep understanding of myself through images and symbols. It was a fascinating process, one that I still think back to with wonder and great appreciation. I highly recommend working with April!
— Kimberly
I went in not expecting much but was blown away with the PLR. It was everything promised and more. It has positively impacted my life. April has an incredible understanding and knowledge in the area. I would absolutely recommend a PLR to anyone and everyone!
— Matthew
I had a past life regression session with April back in October and it was one of the most transformative and healing experiences I have had to date. April is such a beautiful guide that allows you to feel safe to go deep. I left the session with so many answers, and 4 months on I am still decoding and integrating the insight I received.
If you have never had a session and are considering it, April is the woman to see. I can’t wait for my next visit!
— Nui
Although initially skeptical I was highly curious to experience a past life regression.
From beginning to the end I felt comfortable and knew I was in safe hands. I enjoyed witnessing glimpses of other lives and also being able to connect dots and find clarity in this present incarnation. Thank you for conducting and guiding me during the session, I am extremely grateful and look forward to future meetings.
— Master Haydon
I attended a past life regression session with April. She made me feel completely at ease at the beginning of the process and walked me through what would happen before putting me into deep hypnosis. Throughout the session I felt safe and comfortable and was gently brought out of the hypnosis and given a comprehensive debrief of what had happened during my session.
— Teresa

Sandplay Therapy

What I liked about Sandplay was that you are nice and kind. Sandplay helped me let out my emotions and feelings. I really liked when we talked about it and discussed a lot about it. Thank you very much April, I really appreciate it.
— 9 year old
I was so excited by Sandplay, a creative way for my daughter to explore her emotions and thoughts.
You created a safe, caring and open environment for her to do just that. Ever since, she has been questioning & challenging how she looks at the world with so much courage. Thank you for the amazing experience for my girl.
— Mother of client
The work that April does is amazing and has a profound effect on families.
— Jess (mother of client)
In my role as a foster care caseworker, I have the privilege to work with wonderful children and young people on a daily basis. However, these children have experienced challenging backgrounds and often find it overwhelming to voice their experience and worries. When our staff learned April was offering Sandplay Therapy, we felt it a therapeutic modality in allowing children and young people connected to our service the opportunity to explore and represent their past and present realities, without necessarily having to voice it, which can often be the most overwhelming part of therapy.

From my experience in supporting children and young people to work with April, the environment she provides is safe, calm and therapeutic. I have observed all children to have a warm connection to April and consider her to be a safe person in their lives. April works with patience, empathy and understanding of the trauma background that some clients present. She is adaptive throughout sessions and ‘meets the child where they’re at’ by being able to adjust her session to meet the needs of the child on each given day.

The wonderful young people from our service engaged in Sandplay with April demonstrate advancement in their emotional regulation, self-awareness and willingness to communicate their worries with safe adults in their life. This modality of therapy has been a powerful support for the children I work with and I would recommend others who are in need also connect with this service.
— Brittany, Foster Care Caseworker for Pathfinders