What is Sandplay Therapy?

Sandplay Therapy is an internationally recognised therapeutic and creative approach to counselling, based on Jungian Psychology.

Sandplay works with the subconscious, allowing people to explore their deep inner conflicts and the wounds from the past. These wounds often underlie the destructive patterns, behaviours and issues of today.

Sandplay facilitates the psyche’s natural capacity for healing - not only showing the truth behind the presenting issue but can also show the SOULution.  It is a safe, powerful and effective modality for all.


What is the process?

Stepping into the closet to discover Narnia, is similar to stepping into a Sandplay Therapy room.  A new world, a symbolic world, filled with mother nature in the form of sand & water, real & imaginary miniatures and a tray for support & containment.

Clients select and place miniature objects that catch their eye into the tray. This enables the client to create a visual manifestation of their inner world, bypassing the mind.
The facilitator does not interpret, interfere with or direct the client’s symbolic expression.

The facilitator and client then go on a precious journey together, to discover and explore the client’s wounds and inner yearning to heal. Client’s find that having such clarity, enables them to feel empowered to make positive and permanent change.


What are the benefits?

Sandplay Therapy is for everyone, for any issue / goal.

For children, the process is disguised as play. Their subconscious is working through self-expression, inner self-development, conflict resolution and finding their place in their world.

Youth are at the stage in life where they are developing a strong idea of how they want to be seen, which often conflicts with how they see themselves. Sandplay assists them to rediscover and become more open and comfortable with parts of themselves that they may be having conflicting feelings about.

Adults find themselves amazed that by working on one issue, they see improvements in all areas of their life – addictions, work, their relationships with their partners, friends, children, colleagues and general health and well-being.

For people with diverse abilities, Sandplay is an empowering process - an opportunity to have a voice and to be heard, to explore parts of the self that is often buried deep inside, to make choice and relieve inner tensions.

Sandplay works wonders for relationships. Relationship sessions (parent and child, partners, siblings etc) allow for a safe environment to explore what roles each person plays in the relationship, how their actions affects the other person and where the reactions of their loved one comes from. Seeing this is crucial to reduce any toxicity in the relationship.

Some of the most common subjects Sandplay Therapy assists with are:

  • depression

  • alcohol & drug abuse

  • family breakdown

  • lack of motivation

  • reducing stress

  • self-confidence

  • identity crisis / identity awareness

  • understanding & appreciating relationships

  • anxiety

  • bed-wetting

  • nightmares

  • bullying

  • jealousy of sibling/s

  • choice making

  • death of family member, friend or pet

  • physical, emotional or sexual abuse

  • undiagnosed or diagnosed disability



Sessions go for 1 hour.

1 session $95
or 6 sessions $484.50 ( 15% discount if paid upfront )


How many sessions do I need?

This depends entirely on the individual’s needs and the purpose of attending sessions.

If you or your child has experienced severe trauma, I would encourage at least 6 sessions. After that, we can gauge together whether more are necessary or not.

If you or your child want an ongoing outlet to use as a method of self-healing, self-understanding, self-growth - I would encourage monthly sessions.


“Often the hands know how to solve a mystery
that the intellect has wrestled with in vain”

- C.G Jung